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  • FEES - All fees must be paid in full by the due date indicated on the invoice. Failure to do so will result in a payment reminder being sent. Lessons will be suspended (and thus forfeited) until fees are paid in full.


Invoices are emailed according to the email address provided on my Student Information Forms upon enrolment. Please ensure your contact information is kept up to date. I take no responsibility for sending invoices to disused emails.


Please include the invoice number in the payment description for all electronic transfers.


  • INSTRUMENT - Students are expected to have a good quality, full-size piano to practice on at home. Acoustic pianos are preferred, but beginners are permitted to have at a minimum, a full-size (88 keys) digital piano with weighted keys and fixed pedals.


  • FOOD & DRINK – is not permitted in the studio.  This applies for both children and parents.


  • TEACHING SCHEDULE – Lessons are taught during the NSW public school teaching weeks, unless otherwise stated.  The total number of lessons per term is non-negotiable.


  • MISSED LESSONS - It is important to have a strong routine of lesson attendance. Missed lessons will not be refunded unless it is the teacher who is required to cancel a lesson. In this circumstance an electronic funds transfer will be issued.


Your lesson time is set aside especially for you. Catch-up, make-up or rescheduled lessons are not available.


  • PUNCTUALITY – Please respect your lesson time and arrive in a calm and punctual fashion.  Late arrival will not result in an extension beyond your scheduled lesson time.  If you arrive early, please remain quietly outside until the previous lesson has concluded.


  • TERMINATION – Parents may choose to discontinue lessons at any time; however there will not be a refund for lessons already paid for.


Continued failure to adhere to Studio Policies may result in the termination of lessons.

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